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  • St. Patrick's Day Temporary Tattoos

    The season of Green, Leprechauns, Rainbows and pots of gold is upon us. Don’t be caught this St. Patrick's Day not wearing green, instead buy a St. Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos from! Tattoos are an easy way, and even a sneaky way to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday with a rich history and plenty of symbols. sells many of these Irish symbols in the form of tattoos. Purch...

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  • Temporary Tattoos and Valentines Day

    With Valentine's Day right around the corner heart shaped everything will soon cover the walls of every store across the country. Heart shaped objects will be shoved in your face from every direction in the form of various objects, including, but certainly not limited to, heart shaped balloons, heart shaped cakes, heart shaped chocolates, heart shaped gift bags, heart shaped jewelry and so many more! It might just be time to start a new trend th...

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  • Mon Amour Valentines Temporary Tattoos

      LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Did you know makes incredible love themed Valentines temporary tattoos you can give as a gift for Valentine’s Day? It’s the first week of  February, all the New Year's resolutions have been set, the holiday cheer from November and December seems to be lost forever. Do not dismay my friend, February is right around the corner! Hence, Valentine's Day will come and go before you know it! Above all, do...

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  • Barb Wire Temporary Tattoos

    One of’s most popular items are our Barb Wire Temporary Tattoos pack. These barb wire temporary tattoos seem to fly off the shelves all year round. As a matter of fact, our customers are constantly mentioning how much they love our barbed wire temporary tattoos. BARB WIRE TEMPORARY TATTOOS GIVE OFF A TOUGH GUY FEEL People who wear barb wire temporary tattoos typically wear them to look rugged and unbreakable. Not only this, ...

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  • Other Ways to Use Custom Temporary Tattoos: Ornaments

    Other Ways To Use Custom Temporary Tattoos: Ornaments   Did you know there are several other ways to use temporary tattoos? You can even create your own custom temporary tattoos, if your little heart desires! This is the first of many entries where we will show you various temporary tattoo crafts.     These crafts are family friendly, which is convenient, especially for this time of year. We know Thanksgiving hasn't even happene...

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  • Celebrity & Rapper Halloween Costumes using Temporary Tattoos

    It would be great to plan ahead and put together a Halloween costume in September or even early October. But like many people, sometimes you wait till the last minute.  We get it. You need a costume fast, and you want to look cool, current, and maybe even a bit edgy. If you would like to be Post Malone for a night or award winner Lady Gaga for the weekend. Celebrity temporary tattoos are an easy way that may even fool your close friends. Tem...

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  • Ed Sheeran has Tattoos?

    Ed Sheeran Temporary Tattoos! For those of you who aren't into hip hop and rap, we have several other options for your Halloween costume. If you're a Disney or Marvel fan, you have the option of dressing up as Shuri from The Black Panther. Maybe you are more into music. Pop music, of course. We also sell Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Ed Sheeran temporary tattoos. Yes. Ed Sheeran has tattoos. Actually, he has A BUNCH. Because he has so many, we chos...

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  • Latest trend: Rapper Tattoos

    Back in the day, tattoos were only for sailors, gangsters, and bikers. Fast forward a few decades and here we are... people of all types have tattoos -- including your kids! Thanks to the founders of metallic flash tattoo jewelry, FashionTats + TattooFun now present the latest trend: rapper temporary tattoos. This Halloween, it is super easy to become your favorite ink-loving rapper. Check out our website, Amazon, and to see a wid...

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  • 5 Handy Tips When Designing Your Custom Made Temporary Tattoos

    Designing your custom made temporary tattoos is a relatively easy process, but there are a few points you should bear in mind. We present them here, so that you can focus on message and the visual impact of your tattoo design. How big will the design be? If you are designing the tattoo for yourself, think where you’ll put it. That will affect the optimum size. If you are designing for others, like attendees at an event or guests at a wedding,...

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  • Custom Printed Stickers vs. Decals vs. Labels: What’s The Difference?

    The term sticker seemed to be abundantly clear before you tried to order some custom printed stickers online, didn’t it? Now you come across words like label and decals, but they all seem to do the same thing. So, how are they different? Here’s the skinny. Custom printed stickers Stickers are the most generic term. They can be made for indoor and outdoor use, and come in various sizes and shapes. At TattooFun, we make circle, oval, square a...

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