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  • Metallic Temporary Tattoos Have Become Tech Wearables

    Metallic temporary tattoos and wearables - Duoskin Image source:

    The next generation of wearables is on the horizon, piquing the interest of both geeks and fashionistas. The MIT Media Lab has partnered with Microsoft Research to come up with Duoskin, a user interface shaped like a temporary metallic tattoo. Duoskin is an amazingly thin, gold leaf-based wearable that attaches directly to the wearer’s skin. The project leader, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, MIT PhD Student, explains that the inspiration for the project is rooted in street fashion. As she notes, there is a widespread culture of cosmetics and street fashion in Taiwan which is easily customizable and very affordable (just like our custom metallic temporary tattoos).

    Duoskin is made very similarly to any other temporary tattoos. Most of the “ingredients” are craft-store grade, such as temporary tattoo printing paper and vinyl cutter. The pigments used are certified for use in food and toys. Connectivity is achieved with gold leaf and minuscule, surface-mounted near-field communication (NFC) chips. The gold leaf used in Duoskin, however, isn’t exactly pure gold. To keep the price low, a copper-gold blend leaf was used, but without compromising the conductivity.

    At this moment, the researchers have explored three possible applications for Duoskin. They can be used for touch input, as track pads and virtual control knobs for volume. They can also indicate changes in body temperature through changing color and store data and transmit it using minute NFC chips. When used for either input or output, Duoskin requires a connection to a microcontroller. Presently, the preferred choice is Arduino Mini and LiPo batteries.

    The team has developed an interesting app for couples called Couple Harmony. One partner wears a red fire tattoo with thermochromic pigment. If and when the other partner presses a capacitative mood button on their forearm to signal they are angry, the flame in the fire tattoo of their partner will turn white.

    Admittedly, functional temporary tattoos aren’t ground-breaking. This body art has already emerged as glucose monitor for diabetics, Motorola smartphone key and UV radiation level monitor. But this is undoubtedly the most visually captivating innovation.

    Get your custom metallic temporary tattoos

    Whereas Duoskin is not commercially available, mesmerizing custom temporary tattoos are. TattooFun offers metallic temporary tattoos of highest quality available, in a metallic color palette that includes gold, silver, rose gold, red and blue. You simply choose your design, fill out the order requirements and TattooFun will send you individually cut tattoos ready to be handed out and applied. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re all ears. Call us Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PST at 888 774 3662, send us a message through our online form or text us at 760 691 2969. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Using Temporary Tattoos for an Ultimate April Fools Day Prank

    The Temporary Tattoo Prank

    April Fool’s day is just a few days away and many people are down in their secret prank labs cooking up pranks that would have family and friends jumping out of their skin. Yes, some of those pranks might end up getting this reaction:

    However, at the end of the day, it’s really about having fun. This year’s April Fool’s day falls on a Saturday so lots of pranks will most likely be pulled on family members first before other people. You can also join in on the fun by choosing from our list of April Fool’s day prank. These pranks involve getting a temporary tattoo! Temporary tattoos are great for April Fool’s day pranks especially if you’re thinking of pranking a conservative member of your family.

    Temporary tattoos are so real that they might not even believe it when you tell them that it isn’t permanent. The great thing about these pranks is that they are cheap and very easy to pull off. What more? They’re guaranteed to pack a punch if you play them right.

    Here are a few ways to pull off the temporary tattoo prank:

    #1 The Mom Prank

    Okay, one of the worst fears of most Moms is that their child might get a permanent tattoo. If your mom is one of the top campaigners against permanent tattoos, you can leverage on that fear to play one on her. For this prank, I suggest you go for a bold and daring temporary tattoo.

    You’d want to go for a full size tattoo like the Amy Winehouse set or even the popular “No Ragrats” tattoo. The key to pulling this off is placing your tattoo on a very obvious part of your body. You can go all out by calling her attention to your tattoo or by just circling around her until she notices.

    Imagine the look on her face when you tell her it’s a temporary tattoo during her counseling session!


    #2 The Dad Prank

    Dragon Temporary Tattoo Dragon Temporary Tattoo

    Many dads out there are very protective and wouldn’t want their children to make mistakes. If your dad is the overprotective type, you can pull perfect prank on him by getting a temporary tattoo. We recommend choosing from the many celebrity temporary tattoos to pull this one off. Make your dad believe that you love a specific celebrity so much that you want to look just like them! It would be great if you dressed the part too!

    Another temporary tattoo prank that would have your dad all red is a love themed temporary tattoo. Make your dad believe that you’re so in love with someone that you decided to get a tattoo to show how much you love them. This would be especially great if you got a custom tattoo with the name of your “lover” on it.

    #3 The Couple’s Prank

    Couples can also join in on the temporary tattoo prank fun. If you want to get the “what the heck!” reaction, you’ll want to go for a custom name tattoo. The top prank for me would be getting a temporary tattoo with the name of your parents-in-law. Tell your spouse that you’re just showing them your gratitude for giving you the best gift in the world.

    Custom Heart temporary Tattoo Custom Heart temporary Tattoo

    You can also tap into the power of sarcasm by getting a custom name tattoo with your spouse’s work place written on it. This would be especially hilarious if your spouse hates their work place. When it comes to options, you can get very creative with this one.


    The key to pulling off a great Aprils Fool’s day prank using a temporary tattoo is knowing who you’re pranking well enough to know which temporary tattoo will make them go bananas. You can get even more creative by reviewing our selection of April Fool’s day temporary tattoos.

    Set the pace for a perfect prank by dropping hints few days before April Fool’s day. Consider asking your Mom or Dad what they think of Miley’s tattoos.

    Don’t forget to make a video of their hilarious reactions because it might just be the next viral video on the internet!




  • Wearing Temporary Tattoos for St. Patrick’s Day

    St Patricks Day Metallic Temporary Tattoos St Patricks Day Metallic Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos for a green St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick's Day, an Irish holiday has swept the world green in its joy and grand celebrations over the years. The exhilaration and enthusiasm are heightened as the day unfolds the events of unexpected adventures.

    Temporary Tattoo, Show Celtic Pride

    Everybody is generally digging out green dress or accessories to express the joy of the festivity. However, it shall be more Irish to get temporary tattoos and a great way to flaunt your Celtic pride. The temporary tattoos are the best option with vast choice of patterns to flaunt. As they are safe, can be changed and gives you your something green.

    There are many Temporary Tattoo options that you can choose from:

    Claddagh ring temporary tattoo Claddagh ring temporary tattoo

    Chaddgah Ring Temporary Tattoo

    Chaddgah Ring Temporary Tattoos- They are not popular among people but they hold a unique place and a firm connection with the Irish people. It's a traditional ring which represents love, loyalty, and friendship commonly used as wedding rings. The design of Claddagh is a pair of hands holding out a heart, isn't it a beautiful way to express your love by getting engraved on yourself.

    Trinity Knot Temporary Tattoo

    Trinity Knot- The symbol represents three-cornered shape holding a great importance as it is a simple unending loop with no beginning and end that represents the interconnection of all things and the continuous cycle of existence. The symbol so pure and positive is a great choice.

    Shamrock Temporary Tattoos Shamrock Temporary Tattoos

    Shamrock Temporary Tattoo

    Shamrock temporary Tattoos- It's a popular choice as it holds a great relevance in Celtic Culture as St Patrick used the shamrock to explain holy trinity. They were also used for medical properties and a popular motif in Victorian times. It is a simple design but can never go out of style.

    Leprechaun Temporary Tattoo

    Leprechauns temporary Tattoos - They are a fairy in Irish folklore usually portrayed as small bearded men wearing green coat & hat. They believe in practical jokes and are used as examples that we should never be greedy. This a majorly used

    Leprechaun Fighting Irish Temporary Tattoo Leprechaun Temporary Tattoo

    pattern to get tattooed. You can also use it as a reminder to stay away from greed and be a little mischievous at heart.

    Irish Temporary Tattoo

    Irish Temporary Tattoo Irish Temporary Tattoo

    Irish witty sayings, prayers, lyrics and proverbs can be inked on you. As one witty one is "It is often that a person's mouth broke his nose" or a traditional, “May neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, the angels protect you, and Heaven accept you". There are many options you can choose from and playfully get them highlighted in green or you may get pinched!!


    Whatever your desire, as a vast selection of St. Patricks Day Temporary Tattoos. This St. Patricks Day will be easy to be green.

  • Valentine's Day and Heart Temporary Tattoos

    Heart Temporary Tattoos

    Something different this year may be a Heart Temporary Tattoo. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and of course, because it is THAT day, hearts will be coming at you in the

    Forever Heart Temporary Tattoo Forever Heart Temporary Tattoo

    form of different things: balloons, cakes, chocolates and others. Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers; it’s all for different kinds of love. But, isn’t it the ripe time to experience a new way of celebrating Valentine’s Day while setting a particular trend? Well, if it’s a paradigm shift you want, TattooFun’s Heart Temporary Tattoos are exactly up your alley. Here are all the more occasions or reasons to try them:

     Be a random fairy godmother/father

    If you are one of those who want to spread the love to strangers on the street, you can keep a few heart temporary tattoos with you throughout the day. Surely, the small loving act you’ll make will create wide ripples of happiness. Now, if that isn’t intrinsically satisfying, then I don’t know what is.

    Be a happy single

    If you’re one of those human bitter gourds who’ll wear black on Valentine’s, then why are you reading this article? Kidding, as people without dates, you can always give love to those around you: officemates, colleagues, friends, even pets.

    Be a loving grown-up

    Love Temporary Tattoo Love Temporary Tattoo

    Remember the time when stick-on tattoos were prizes in kids’ bubble gums? Why not bring them back? If you are an educator, you can hand these treats to your class instead of sweets. Aside from this, TattooFun’s Heart temporary tattoos can be utilized as decorations on classroom windows. You can also customize the designs as to their liking such as superheroes or cartoon characters.

    Heart with Wings Temporary Tattoo Heart with Wings Temporary Tattoo

    Be a creative significant other

    TattooFun’s customization option is a blessing for lovers. Who wouldn’t love a temporary tattoo-your-name-on-my-shoulder act? You can also choose your hearts or kisses from a wide array of categories in Tattoofun’s website.

    Yes, Valentine’s Day is not just about love, but it isn’t it such a nice feeling to know that people from all over the world come together as one and just spread happy vibes? can surely amplify that vibe so get out there and tattoo the world red.

  • Cuѕtоm Tеmроrаrу Tattoos - Elесtrіfуіng Crоwdѕ іn Evеntѕ Evеrуwhеrе

    Evеrуоnе knows what сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tattoos are.

    Thеrе'ѕ аlѕо a grеаt possibility that оnlу a few реорlе hаvе nоt uѕеd a Cuѕtоm Tеmроrаrу Tattoo. There ѕhоuld bе at lеаѕt оnе іnѕtаnсе in уоur lіfе whеn you uѕеd thеm.

    сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tattoo Team Spirit сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tattoosWhеn you wеrе уоungеr, уоu рrоbаblу applied thеm on your bоdу bесаuѕеthеу'rе fun. It'ѕ аlѕо possible thаt you аррlіеd thеm аnd brаggеd to уоur frіеndѕ thаt you hаvе a "tattoo". But аѕ you grow оldеr, thеrе'ѕ a сhаnсе thаt уоu wіll ѕtіll encounter thеm. Thіѕ іѕ especially truе if уоu аttеnd a lоt оf events.

    If you're аn еvеnt оrgаnіzеr, you probably have a favorite tеmроrаrу tаttоо mаnufасturеr. If you need a temporary tattoo printer, visit

    Temporary Tattoos Make Events Fun

    There аrе events thаt аrе ѕuрроѕеd to bе fun. Thеѕе are еvеntѕ whеrеіn the сrоwd nееdѕ to be electrified іntо frenzy. Thаt'ѕ thе mеаѕurе of thе ѕuссеѕѕ of ѕаіd events. If уоu have a lоt оf реорlе who are so electrified thаt thеу'rе ѕhоutіng their lungs оut, then уоu can ѕау thаt уоur еvеnt is a success.

    Sо whаt dоеѕ that have to dо with сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tattoos? Fake tаttооѕ can еlесtrіfу уоur сrоwd еffесtіvеlу and еffісіеntlу. Wіth the hеlр of a reliable temporary tаttоо mаnufасturеr, you саn еnѕurе thе ѕuссеѕѕ оf уоur event.

    Aѕ fаr аѕ gіvеаwауѕ gо, thеу'rе vеrу еffесtіvе

    It's еffесtіvе bесаuѕе іt'ѕ ѕоmеthіng new. Surе, thеrе аrе tried аnd tеѕtеd ѕtrаtеgіеѕ lіkе uѕіng posters аnd tarpaulins. While watch a ѕроrtіng еvеnt, уоu саn ѕtіll see thеm bесаuѕе thеу'rе ѕtіll vеrу еffесtіvе. But using сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tаttооѕ brіng something nеw tо the tаblе.

    Furthermore, this reason аlоnе is enough to pump up thе сrоwd. Imagine thеm hаvіng оnе аррlіеd оn thеіr arm. Sееіng thе fаkе tattoos mоvіng іn unіѕоn wіth the сrоwd is еnоugh tо electrify аnу fаn оr рlауеr. Yоu juѕt have tо ensure that the ԛuаlіtу wіll be great. In a hуреr event, ѕwеаt wіll flоw. Teaming uр wіth a grеаt temporary tattoo manufacturer wіll еnѕurе thаt thеу will last еvеn days аftеr the еvеnt.

    Custom Temporary Tattoos are Inexpensive

    Fоr giveaways to bе effective, уоu hаvе tо gіvе them to аѕ many реорlе as роѕѕіblе. A tаrраulіn аnd 5 роѕtеrѕ juѕt wоn't сut іt іn a сrоwd of 1,000. You саn hаvе thousands оf custom temporary tаttооѕ made аnd thеу won't cost a fоrtunе. In fасt, you саn get 1,000 оf thеm for less thаn $99.

    Team Spirit using сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tattoo Team Spirit using сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tattoo

    How do Temporary tattoos raise Team Spirit? Obviously, they're are there to rаіѕе tеаm ѕріrіt. If уоu'rе a рlауеr оn that tеаm, you'll bе pumped uр whеn уоu ѕее a сrоwd thаt іѕ electrified аѕ a whоlе. You'll аlѕо nоtісе the reason bеhіnd it. You ѕее your tеаm'ѕ mascot on thе сuѕtоm tеmроrаrу tаttооѕ.

    In summary, that's аlѕо the rеаѕоn whу Temporary tattoos are vеrу еffесtіvе at raising tеаm spirit. Thе сrоwd wіll know what they're thеrе for and thаt іѕ tо ѕuрроrt thе tеаm that is рrіntеd оn thе fake tattoos. Wіth the hеlр оf a rеlіаblе tеmроrаrу tаttоо mаnufасturеr, you'll hаvе gіvеаwауѕ thаt уоu саn give out tо the hundrеdѕ оr thоuѕаndѕ оf реорlе іn attendance.

    Most of all, yоu will then have a сrоwd wіth ѕріrіtѕ ѕо hіgh thаt уоu can't help but join thеm.

  • Snowflake Holiday Metallic Temporary Tattoos

    Shining, glittery, festive. Holiday temporary tattoos provide a unique accent that perfectly correspond with the holiday season.

    Snowflake bracelet Holiday Temporary Tattoos Snowflake bracelet Holiday Temporary Tattoos

    A simple, elegant temporary tattoo, can make you stand out in any holiday party.

    People will show up in a Christmas hat or mistletoe in their hair, but you will be the shining star.

    Metallic holiday temporary tattoos give you Sparkle and Glimmer.

    Just like the fresh fallen snow, add sparkle and glimmer with a metallic holiday temporary tattoo.

    As a result of the pure shine, you can change the drab common look of a Santa hat and and berries in your hair to something unique and special.

    These glittery, shiny holiday temporary tattoos come in the form of emblems, perfect for the cheek, or beautiful bracelets design to adorn your wrist and arms.

    More than just Snowflake Temporary Tattoos

    In addition to a classic snowflake to wearing your cheek we also have beautiful snowflake bracelets shiny North Star bracelets and even the Star of David emblem.

    Star of David Holiday Temporary Tattoos Star of David Temporary Tattoos

    All of our collections come with multiple tattoos to wear again and again during this wonderful holiday season.

    A Perfect Stocking Stuffer

    Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for our young woman.

    These temporary tattoos come in packs so they make a life of impact on Christmas morning.

    These holiday metallic temporary tattoos are unexpected delight for anyone that likes to decorate their skin with the latest fashions.

    Metallic Flash Holiday Temporary Tattoo Metallic Holiday Temporary Tattoos

    The holiday metallic temporary tattoo collections come as

    • Snowflake Charms
    • Snowflake Bracelets
    • Star of David Charms
    • Northern Star Bracelets


    In addition these Tattoos can be temporarily applied to hair, clothing, wine glasses, or any surface.  And they can be removed anytime.

    Click here to see all of the Holiday Metallic Temporary Tattoos, and you get 15% off with this discount Code:  TattooFunBlog15

    Don't be shy, make a statement a shiny, glittery Metallic Temporary tattoos.

  • White Wedding Temporary Tattoos for Bride and Bridemaids

    Your Wedding Day Matters . What are you doing to make it Different? Pure White Wedding Temporary Tattoos add a unique, beautiful accent.

    If your wedding is coming and you're looking for ideas consider the beautiful body art accents adorning your skin.

    Temporary Wedding Tattoos Temporary Wedding Tattoos - that Shine

    Find the perfect Temporary Tattoo to accessorize your body and make a splash on your special Wedding Day!

    If you loved our Metallic Jewelry tattoos, you're going to go nuts over these temporary wedding tattoos.

    Wedding Temporary Tattoos are latest trend for 2017 wedding Season

    Don't wait to get on the temporary tattoo wedding trend; you'll be exhilarated when you see these fabulous white lace and floral temporary tattoos that every bride is dying to have for her and her posy of bridesmaids. Excited yet?

    These elegant temporary tattoos are not not just for the bride, but also for each of the bridesmaids in the wedding party.

    You may also consider an elegant metallic gold , or a classy silver metallic temporary tattoo designs to decorate the wedding party.

    Temporary Tattoo Party Favors

    Party favors for all the guests.  Consider a custom printed Silver or God Metallic Temporary Tattoo Personalized for your special day, as party favor for all in attendance.  Imagine each guest adorning your special design to emphasize you on this special day. (And these custom printed temporary tattoo cost less than $.15 each... a real bargain with a big impact). has the largest section of Pure White Wedding Temporary Tattoos.

    Whether you're looking for something sassy and fun for your actual wedding day. Search no further, we have every wedding temporary tattoo design imaginable.

    Or we can make a Custom designed Temporary Tattoo in just 10 days.

    Order Today and receive a 10% discount. Just use discount code:  TattooBride10


    Holiday season is a time when children dream of Christmas presents, snow castles and temporary tattoos! We make those wishes come true.

    Snowflake Dreams

    Snowflake Temporary Tattoo Temporary Snowflake Tattoos

    Now you can make their dreams come true with temporary tattoos.

    Your kids will love the look, they will be inspired to embrace winter, and they will never get cold or wet with their temporary tattoo.

    Their friends will want to join in on the fun too.

    Be the parent that makes your kids dreams come true and make their Winter one they will never forget.

    Imagine the joy on their face when you show them its possible to wear winters favorite image.

    Imagine the chance for all their friends to have that same snowflake and enjoy the season together.

    Make Children's Dreams Come True

    Finally, live the dream with them and make the Snowflake Temporary Tattoo a family fun event.

    See our winter collection of  Snowflake Temporary Tattoos and make your child's dreams

    a reality tonight and for all the beautiful cold nights throughout the winter months.

    Place your order today at or call our customer service team at 888-774-3662.

  • Wear Tattoos at Events Nationally During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Tattoos are a great way to make a statement about causes like breast cancer at any event nationally or locally.

    But what about when your cause changes next month? We've got your back here at TattooFun.

    Pink ribbon temporary tattoos Pink Ribbon Temporary Tattoo

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    TattooFun is doing our share to help support this important cause.

    Many people need to raise money for the three day walk or other events to help fight breast cancer.

    One great way of raising money for your event is by selling pink ribbon temporary tattoos.

    Event participants love to wear their cause even AFTER the event. Read More...

  • Temporary Olympic Rings Kid Tattoos as Rewards at Athletic Events

    Want to give your child something special as a reward for a big athletic event accomplishment?

    Have you considered an Olympic Rings Temporary Tattoo? <= Click!

    Temporary Tattoo Reward

    Olympic Rings Temporary Tattoos Large Olympic Rings Temporary Tattoos

    Olympic Rings temporary tattoos are a great reward for children striving to be the best they can be.

    Athletes, from around the globe, have tattoos of the Olympic rings to show support for the games.

    Did you see how many athletes had the Olympic rings actually tattooed on their bodies?

    Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, and more have the rings tattooed on thier skin.

    High School Championships Tattoos

    Is your school or organization full of champions?  Or champions for the day?

    If so, why not promote excellence with the most recognized symbol of pure greatness.

    Olympic Rings Temporary Tattoos Olympic Rings Temporary Tattoos

    You can be sure that no matter what the sport, or academic accomplishment, a child can be rewarded with a the symbol of a champion...the Olympic Rings as a temporary tattoo.

    Furthermore, any kid striving to be their best will be proud to wear Olympic ring symbol as a temporary tattoo.

    While the Olympic games represent our world coming together, any event can have an gold medal feeling.

    Olympic Rings Symbolize the Best

    Regardless of the nation you root for, our these temporary tattoos will show your support for the Olympic games. offers several sizes of Olympic Rings Temporary tattoos.

    We have small sized tattoos which are perfect for children, or an adult cheek.

    And we sell large Olympic Rings tattoos to apply on on men and women.

    TattooFun also has tattoo part packs available.

    On Sale Now! See all our Temporary tattoos here. <= Click!

    No matter what the event, temporary tattoos add to the fun.

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