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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Lesson Learned: Don't cheat & stick with temporary tattoos!

    This lady smacked a $100,000 lawsuit on her ex-boyfriend - that tattoo artist that produces this beautiful peace of work on her back.  Apparently her ex-boyfriend was to tattoo a big beautiful scene from narnia on her back. However, he learned that she cheated on him with one of his good friends which caused him to slyly change the design without informing her. The ex was smart enough to liquor her up and have her sign a consent form that exp...

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  • Wine Tasting Fun!

    Wine tasting is definitely tops the list on favorite activities to do for Americans! Why not? It is a fun experience to visit a winery, take a tour, and try out some of their wine. It is great for couples, bachelorette parties, girls weekend getaway, etc. Could your experience get any better? We didn't think so, until we started producing temporary tattoos for various wineries. They are fun little giveaways that they hand out or give to every cus...

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  • Get in the Holiday Spirit!

    Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it is now ready to get ready for the rest of the holiday season. We agree that it is the most wonderful time of the year. The spirit of giving gifts and hanging decorations all over the house is the best! This great season applies no matter what holiday you and your family celebrates. It is time to make your annual trip to the ice-skating rink, build a snowman, sit by the fireplace. We have plenty of holida...

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow we were reflecting on what we were thankful for! Here at TattooFun we are a very thankful bunch! We are thankful for our wonderful customers, staff, awesome temporary tattoos (obviously), and much more!  Although we do a lot of temporary tattoos for various companies including some fortune 500 companies, we are especially thankful that we are able to produce tattoos for non-profit and for a cause organizations. Che...

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  • Real of Fake? Rumer Willis has the world fooled!

    Daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis was spotted earlier this month with several new 'tattoos' on her arms. A week before she was seen at an event with only one tattoo on her left arm.  When she was spotted grocery shopping she had various extensive images covering her arms. Given the time frame, many wonder if these are temporary tattoos or if they are real. She would have had to spend a great deal of time with a tattooist in...

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  • The Perfect Impersonator

    Not only do we have Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga temporary tattoos, but we also have created Angelina Jolie temporary tattoos for Professional Angelina Jolie look-alike & impersonator: Tatiana Turan. You can find more information about her here: Our art department had a lot of fun recreating these celeb tattoos! Tatiana wears these at different appearances all over the world. Are you a professional impersonator,...

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  • Breaking Dawn Weekend!!

    Team Edward or Team Jacob? It's that time again'¦opening weekend of the latest installment of the Twilight Saga. There is no better way to show your loyalty to your team, than getting a tattoo. But unlike, Bella you can make a less permanent decision. Check out these 'vamp-tastic' tattoos that TattooFun has to offer: ...

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    Permanent tattoos have always been a great way to express yourself. People all over the world get permanent tattoos that are symbolic of something near and dear to their heart or even just because.  What happens when you are simply '˜over' your permanent tattoo? This is exactly what happened to actress, Megan Fox. She is currently in the process of getting the Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed from right arm. Fox told reporters, 'You outgrow things...

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  • Happy Birthday!

    We have a birthday in our office today and it got me thinking about temporary tattoos (naturally).  Do you need a unique gift for a friend that has everything? Want to surprise a family member with a gift they never even imagined? I think custom gifts are always very thoughtful. Custom tattoos can be very fun! You can even use them as party favors. Instead of a gift, you could have all the guests wear the tattoos to the party to show how much yo...

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  • QR and TAG Codes as Tattoos

    Thinking of a new way to promote your company? We have a great solution for you! Since it seems that everyone who can walk has a smart phone, QR codes and TAG codes have become increasingly popular. Why not take it one step further? Make your QR or TAG code into a temporary tattoo today. It is a great blend of technology and fun. The temporary tattoos typically last 5-7 day. What is better than free advertisement on children and adults? When sc...

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