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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • Happy New Year!

    Everyone at TattooFun would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! We are ready for a great 2012. Hope you all are too! Bring in the New Year with some temporary tattoos! Check out our: -Best Seller Temporary Tattoos -Add-A-Name Temporary Tattoos -Tattoo Paper Or browse our whole selection of Temporary Tattoos!    ...

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  • The first “Random” Tattoo Ever.

    Do you have a tattoo that you think is totally random '“ something you just went out and got just because? You think you have seen plenty of 'random' tattoos right? Well this man claims that he has the first real random tattoo. Slate Magazine reports that Fred Bosch has this random tattoo. He got a QR tattoo. Sure, plenty of people have gotten QR codes on them before! This one is different though. Bosch's QR code will not pull up the same t...

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  • Safety First! Temporary Tattoos to the rescue!

    With the holiday season here I am sure you are all very busy and running around doing endless errands! Or maybe you are going to a tree lighting ceremony or an ice skating ring or even an amusement park. Whether it is errands or festive events, these are times where family memories can be created! With these events come crowds! Have you ever thought of getting a custom temporary tattoo with contact information in case your young child gets lost? ...

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  • The Girl with the (Temporary) Dragon Tattoo

    The Hollywood remake of The Girl with the Dragon (temporary) tattoo comes out next week on the 21st. Are you excited to see it? I am always skeptical to see remakes when the original was a classic. What do you all think?! Rooney Mara is staring in the film and had to undergo a huge transformation! She cut her hair, pierced her lip, bleached her eyebrows and was covered in temporary tattoos. Can you tell they are temporary when you are watching th...

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  • Christmas Sale - Temporary Tattoos Galore !!

    Tattoo Fun is currently having a huge Christmas Sale on our in-stock temporary tattoos! These will be great stocking stuffers! Our kid's temporary tattoos and Christmas temporary tattoos are on sale right now! In addition you can save 10% off your entire order of temporary tattoos using the code: 'Xmas10.' We even conveniently made a category for our best-selling temporary tattoos as well as all the designs that are less than $1 - on-sale tem...

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  • Happy Holidays!

    The holiday season is here! We want to wish everyone the best during this holiday season! Hopefully you are able to spend time with the people you love the most. It is definitely a great time during the year. It is nice to be able to take time away from your busy schedule in order to visit with your loved ones. We know that you will most likely eat and exchange gifts, but why not participate in family/friend activities. Playing a friendly game is...

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  • Next Time: Bet a Temporary Tattoo!

    I'm sure you have all heard of the NFL Bronco's quarterback Tim Tebow. For some reason everyone seems to have very strong opinions about him '“ either they love him or they hate him! The controversy about this Professional Football player is because of his strong religious ties that he is outspoken and very public about even while playing the sport of football. Needless to say he has die-hard supporters and die-hard haters! No matter what side ...

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  • Meaning Behind Barbed Wire Tattoos

    Who knew barbed wire temporary tattoos had several different meanings behind them.  There are 3 meanings in particular that caught our eye! Here they are: -          Religious reasons: Sometimes people get a barbed tattoo to represent the Crown of Thorns Jesus wore before his crucifixion. People have various reasons as to what the Crown represents in their lives but faith is definitely a front runner -          Years as a Jai...

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  • Maybe she should have gotten a Temporary Tattoo

    I think we may have found Drake's #1 Fan. I am sure that his newest album, Take Care, inspired her newest ink. Pictures have surfaced of a young lady with the rapper, Drake's name tattooed across her forehead. Although there have been speculation that it is probably a fake picture, it does look like she shaved her eyebrows '“ indicating that it may be real (or that she likes to shave her eyebrows). This is a truly. This is one loyal and fanatic...

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  • Another “Practical” use for Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary tattoos definitely have countless uses for them. Anywhere from promoting your business, supporting your favorite cause, or showing your team spirit temporary tattoos are a fun way to spread your message! While these are the more practical uses for them we have been seeing a different kind of practical use for tattoos- a practical joke! More and more office pranksters are inquiring about getting a funny slogan or even an image of a co-wo...

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