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3 Examples How Promotional Temporary Tattoos Custom Made Work In All Industries

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Temporary tattoos custom made for all industriesWe have discussed why temporary tattoos make a good choice for event favors and how you can incorporate them with your marketing. But, we all love real-life examples. We have chosen three that we feel are highly adept at demonstrating the promotional versatility of temporary tattoos custom printed. Read on!

Food industry

The food and beverage industry is endlessly varied. It includes food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, street vendors and everything in between. Whatever their focus is, all of them can use temporary tattoos custom designed to promote their brand.

Those who sell food or drinks can set up a campaign in which wearing a temp tat will be redeemable for a discount or it will provide a desert or treat. This kind of promotion can be tied in with a new product to spread the word about it.

Children love surprises and trinket gifts, so giveaways in food packs is the way to go with them. This can also work with an older target group, especially if the giveaway triggers nostalgia and childhood memories (like the temp tats from Cracker Jack).

Restaurants could also reward their employees with cool temporary tattoos.

Religious organizations

Religious organizations of all denominations and kinds usually have some meetings or get-togethers, like Sunday school. Temporary tattoos custom printed can be handed out for good behavior and special achievements. Or they can be given away at events, regardless of the age of the visitors.

In any case, temporary tattoos are good for creating a sense of togetherness, unity and belonging. If you create a variety of custom designs, visitors can choose the ones they like best. While enjoying some variety, they will still feel part of a bigger whole.

Big corporations

Big corporations often sponsor events, such as marathons, games, concerts, etc. Sponsorships represent their values and responsibility towards the community. Taking part in events that are not tied to their fundamental line of business can still serve for subtler ways of promotion for corporates.

One such way is through temporary tattoos which would showcase an appropriate slogan or image with an included Twitter username or website. In these cases, the tattoo would focus on the event at hand, not on the company. The back of the tattoo can include some important info or direct the recipient to check out specific sections on company’s website or their social media profiles.

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