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5 Awesome Ways To Use Custom Temporary Tattoos for Your Wedding

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Get custom temporary tattoos for your wedding themeCustom temporary tattoos are such a great idea for a wedding. They are original, fun and bring everyone together into an atmosphere of celebration. Here are some of the ways how you can use them for your wedding.

Custom temporary tattoos for the bride and groom

A set of matching temporary tattoos will really set your wedding apart from others. Of course, there are gorgeous white temporary tattoos made for brides especially, but if you choose custom temporary tattoos you can really make an authentic personal statement – and the statement will be louder if both of you get temporarily tatted.

Custom temporary tattoos for the bride team

Get the team spirits up with custom temporary tattoos for all those on the bride team. Witty remarks or beautiful feminine tattoos celebrate the team’s friendship and the fact that one of them is having her best day ever (so far).

Custom temporary tattoos for the best man

It may not be as prominent or as organized as the bride team, but there will be a pack of groom’s boys at the wedding. Make the best man stand out as the groom’s right hand with a temporary tat that will show off their friendship.

Custom temporary tattoos for the bachelorette party

Get the party started with some party-rocking tats. Want to party hard? Like a celebrity, a rock star? Give your party some edge and humor with sassy custom designed temp tats.

Custom temporary tattoos as guest favors

Break the mold with tattoos waiting for your guests at their seats. Or install a tattoo booth and invite your guests to choose their tats and join you in your celebration theme. Your guests may appreciate the opportunity to pick from a few designs, so that they get a tattoo that matches their preferences or outfit.

Get the best custom temporary tattoos at TattooFun

TattooFun is here to give you the best bang for your wedding buck – design your own wedding tattoos and get them printed in highest-quality, FDA-approved ink and delivered to you in a matter of days. The cherry on the top is that we also give you a low price guarantee! Our graphic review team will make sure your design looks its best. And as far as support goes, we are unmatched. Reach us by phone at 888-729-8305, via SMS at 760-691-2969 or message us through our online form in the top right corner. We are here to help you make your wedding memories ever-lasting and beautiful.