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Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos

Bachelorette Temporary TattoosWinter is coming to a close, thus the season of weddings is upon us! If you recently got engaged, it’s about time to start planning that Bachelorette Party! While you are planning you may also want to consider purchasing some Bachelorette Party Temporary Tattoos for you and your bridesmaids! features a variety of Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos. From wild cheetah Temporary Tattoos to nautical temporary tattoos, we offer only the best for you and your babes.


Nautical  Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos 


Does your heart yearn for the sea? Do you and your girls love the idea of a nautical themed party? Maybe you are having your bachelorette party on a yacht or cruise ship. Take to the seas and purchase our nautical themed Bachelorette temporary tattoos. Above all, celebrate the the bride’s last sail before the veil! The bride will wear the Nautical Bride Temporary Tattoo and her Maid of Honor will wear the Mate of Honor Temporary Tattoo. You can also give each of your bridesmaids a Bride’s Crew temporary tattoo. Thus, your entire crew will be ready to get “nauti”.


Bohemian Hen Party


Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Do you and your soul sisters also dance to the music of life? If you are the festival type you may want to consider having a “Bohemian Hen Party”. While you adorn your head with flower crowns adorn your body with boho style temporary tattoos. We have bachelorette temporary tattoos for all boho-lovers. Purchase a pack of our Bride Tribe temporary tattoos for your bridesmaids and a boho bride temporary tattoo for you! You can also purchase a pack of dreamcatcher temporary tattoos to add to your bohemian look.


Get Your Boots on at a Cowgirl Bachelorette Party


You and your bridesmaids are celebrating your last ride before you become a bride! Therefore, you are ready to say “Giddy Up!” and have anight on the town. Do you love flannel shirts along with paisley bandanas? Saddle up right by purchasing Cowgirl bachelorette temporary tattoos. The Bride will wear a Bride Cowboy Boot temporary tattoo. The Bridesmaids will wear “Bride’s Posse” temporary tattoos. You’re entire posse will be saying “Howdy” to these temporary tattoos! Most importantly, don't get too tipsy or you may be mistaken for outlaws.


Leopard Print Bachelorette Party


Get wild on the night of your bachelorette party! Do you love Cheetah and leopard print everything? Consider purchasing leopard print bachelorette temporary tattoos! You and your bridesmaids will be on the prowl to have a wild good time. The Bride will wear a Cheetah Print Bride Temporary Tattoo. Additionally, the bridesmaids will wear a Bride’s Pack Temporary Tattoo. You may also want to consider purchasing metallic cheetah print temporary tattoos. Girls gone wild will be the theme of your bachelorette party!


For the Girly GirlHenna Style Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos


For the girly bride, a more feminine approach to a bachelorette party might be necessary. White temporary tattoos are also often the way to go to make your bachelorette party more girly. offers a variety of white, bridal temporary tattoos. We even offer white temporary tattoos that resemble white henna!


Add-a-Name Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos


For a laugh, offers a custom add-a-name temporary tattoo to give to your bridesmaids. This tattoo reads “I belong with (Your name)’s Bachelorette Party. If I’m lost, Please buy me a drink”. This way your bridesmaids can have identification if they get too tipsy. Additionally, it's a great way for them to find their way back to you. Or also score some free drinks.


Custom Bachelorette Temporary TattoosCustom Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos


Looking for something a little more custom? Consider purchasing custom temporary tattoos. If you have a design already made you can send it to us for your bachelorette temporary tattoos. Not quite sure what you would like your design to look like? Send us your ideas to [email protected]. Depending on the design you request for your tattoo, a small fee may apply.




All of these Bachelorette temporary tattoos are also easy to apply, and only require a little water! Simply put the temporary tattoo against your skin and apply a damp cloth to the backing for 30 seconds. The best part of temporary tattoos is that they stay on for days, but you can remove them at anytime. Just use a bit of rubbing alcohol or even just a little hand sanitizer.  (They is also specially temporary tattoo remover available).




We’ve been in the Temporary Tattoo business for over 20 years. Due to this we know a lot about temporary tattoos. We ship millions of temporary tattoo sheets all over the globe each month. All of our temporary tattoos are proudly made in the good old USA. All of our temporary tattoos are also made with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients. Above all, we offer the best quality temporary tattoos, everyday low prices, excellent customer service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Shop our Catalog of Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos:







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I'm the Bride 
















"Bride's pack" Cheetah