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What Designs Turn Your Custom Temporary Tattoos Bulk Into Inspiring Wedding Tattoos?

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Custom temporary tattoos bulk ordered for your weddingTattoos can be used in a variety of ways for your wedding day. We have already written about different ways you can use custom temporary tattoos on your big day. The beauty of custom tattoos is that you get to choose the motifs. However, this carte blanche can stifle your imagination. That’s why we have put together some ideas to set your creativity in motion. The following tattoo ideas can be used as wedding theme and given to guests as favors or the bride and groom can wear them alone.

Cartoons of the two of you

Cartooning your faces makes for a very cute tattoo. Although, the cuteness factor can be adjusted if you don’t want such an effect. There’s a whole array of cartoon types, and you can easily find a cartooning software online to turn your photos into a cartoon instantly. You can couple your portraits with your names, the date, a phrase, heart or whatever other symbol you like.

Seasonal motifs

Are you a summer bride? A sun could make a charming addition to your wedding tattoo design. Or if you are a winter bride, a snowflake or two will double the romantics. Blossoms go well for spring weddings, whereas some copper-colored leaves could complement nicely tattoos for a fall wedding.


Love sometimes feels like we were shot down by the arrow of Cupid. These traditional emblems of love lend themselves nicely to modern renditions. You can take the minimalist approach and strike an arrow or cross two of them between your name and your future spouse’s name.

Old-fashioned heart

The traditional, plump fiery red heart with an anchor or angel wings – that’s as far as classic goes with tattoos. Add in a scroll with your names and the date and everyone is bound to have fun.


Birds are not only cute and lovely, but they also make you think of gentleness and joy. Let there be song everywhere about your love! After all, you two really are lovebirds, right?

Statements and phrases

If symbols are not as straightforward as you’d like, you can always use words for your custom temporary tattoos bulk. This is what some couples have used:

  • Best day ever
  • To cherish and to hold
  • [names] tied the knot
  • True love
  • All you need is love
  • Lucky in love
  • Today is the day
  • Let the adventure begin

If you want the text to really stand out, choose a font you like and simply use the text without any embellishments. Alternatively, the statement can feature some images or frames, such as scrolls.

Song lines

Do you have your song? What better to put on your tattoo design than a line of two from the song that brings you two together as a couple?

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