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Custom Temporary Tattoos: How You Can Fit Them With Your Marketing Strategy

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Fitting custom temporary tattoos with your marketing effortsMarketing-geared custom temporary tattoos may not sound like a viable avenue for your business. If you haven’t explored the idea much or if you haven’t found any answers to your questions, we have put together some of the most common questions that spring to mind when you connect temporary tattoos and marketing promotion.

What occasions and events are good for custom temporary tattoos marketing?

We can give you some examples, but they shouldn’t limit your creativity. Custom temporary tats are great as giveaways and party gifts, and can easily be incorporated in whatever campaign you have going on. Some of the events you could combine them with are: grand openings, promotional events, raffle giveaways, entertainment for kids, charity events, sports events, etc.

What industries could benefit from promotional custom temporary tattoos?

Again, we would like to leave anyone out, because in reality a huge number of businesses and industries can leverage the appeal of temporary tattoos. We have already written about the variety of companies who have done outrageous tattoo marketing. Our experience has seen these types of businesses launch temporary tattoos in their campaigns:

  • hair salons,
  • fashion stores,
  • fashion design studios,
  • sports organizations,
  • cell phone operators,
  • automotive manufacturers,
  • spas,
  • hotels and resorts,
  • cruisers,
  • liquor manufacturers,
  • entertainment shows,
  • coffee shops,
  • charities,
  • non-profit organizations

You can have a look at our satisfied customers on the home page to get some more examples.

How can these tattoos amplify marketing efforts?

You can use temporary tattoos as a way of redeeming coupons. For example, wearing the tattoo gives the wearer some percentage off your product or service or gives them access to value-added services or whatever you think they would appreciate. You can also ask the wearer to share a photo of their tat on their Facebook or Instagram profile, hash-tagging your business.

The salient benefit of using temporary tattoos for promotion is that the wearers will act as brand ambassadors, just like in the New Zealand airline campaign. If you have ever seen a person with a tattoo, you have probably asked them about the meaning or origin of it. If you have ever worn one, you know how easily people inquire about them.

Lastly, even though tattoo marketing has stopped raising eyebrows, it’s still not an everyday marketing technique. This factor is particularly important for new businesses who have to break through the established reputation of their competitors. Choosing temporary tats as their marketing tool is more likely to reinforce brand recognition in people who have seen the tattoos (and probably talked about them).

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