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5 Handy Tips When Designing Your Custom Made Temporary Tattoos

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Tips on designing custom made temporary tattoosDesigning your custom made temporary tattoos is a relatively easy process, but there are a few points you should bear in mind. We present them here, so that you can focus on message and the visual impact of your tattoo design.

How big will the design be?

If you are designing the tattoo for yourself, think where you’ll put it. That will affect the optimum size. If you are designing for others, like attendees at an event or guests at a wedding, you might want to make several sizes, to give people some freedom in choosing where to put the tattoo.

The size of the tattoo will also affect the intricacy of the design. If the tattoo is small, a simpler design is better. Fine details don’t work well on a small scale. They can make the whole design difficult to understand or the tattoo can simply look mottled.

What palette do you have in mind?

Light or pastel colors don’t usually look good on temporary tattoos. This is because temporary tattoos are slightly transparent, so light colors might be rendered even lighter. Darker shades and vibrant colors make a better choice.

Do you want a white background for your design?

By default, TattooFun doesn’t print custom made temporary tattoos with a white background. If you want your design to have a white background, you should explicitly state it in your order. Otherwise, we will simply print the white parts in your design as transparent.

Are you thinking whether to reverse the design?

When temporary tattoos are printed, the designs are printed backwards, so that they can show right when you apply them. However, when you’re uploading your artwork while ordering your custom temp tats from TattooFun, you should leave the design the way it should look, meaning – DON’T REVERSE IT! Unless, of course, that’s the look you want to achieve. TattooFun has a Graphics department that reviews each and every order in order to make sure the design will look its best. Our team will reverse the design and perform any other actions, so that your tattoos look fantastic.

What information would you like to include?

If you are planning to use the tattoos for a corporate event, you want the tattoos to promote your brand, but you also want any interested individuals to be able to find out more about you. Your tattoo design could include a reference to your website, campaign name, Twitter username or any other information that you think would be valuable. You can use the back file to provide more information about yourself, as well as instruct the wearer how to apply and remove the tattoo. In that case, you have to upload the Back Art file as well when you order with TattooFun.

If you are planning to use the tattoos as guest favors, you can use the back to say something to your guests and also inform them on how to apply and remove the tattoo. Even if you have a tattoo booth set up, some guests may decide to apply their tattoo later, so it would be useful to have the information printed on the back. If you don’t specify anything for the Back Art, we will print our standard tattoo backs.

TattooFun makes the best custom made temporary tattoos

If you want custom made temporary tattoos that are guaranteed to look amazing, be safe for skin and come at the most reasonable rates, TattooFun is the answer. We have been in this industry since 1998. That has given us plenty of time to perfect our offer and garner a vast experience. We provide you industry-leading, FDA-approved inks in a wide range of temporary tattoos that last around 5 to 7 days – and at a low price guarantee at that! Our temporary tattoos are proudly made in the USA. Our long list of satisfied customers should give you an idea of the quality of our products and service. Reach out to us today for more information – we are available on the phone, SMS and website form. Or if you are ready, make your order today!