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Ed Sheeran has Tattoos?

Ed Sheeran Temporary Tattoos!

For those of you who aren't into hip hop and rap, we have several other options for your Halloween costume.

If you're a Disney or Marvel fan, you have the option of dressing up as Shuri from The Black Panther.
Maybe you are more into music. Pop music, of course. We also sell Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Ed Sheeran temporary tattoos.
Yes. Ed Sheeran has tattoos. Actually, he has A BUNCH. Because he has so many, we chose a few of our favorites.
Also, music may not be your thing, which is alright with us. Perhaps you are a movie buff? We have Angelina Jolie tattoos, as well.

At the moment, we are really diggin' Ed Sheeran's music.
We also believe gender plays no part in Halloween costumes (or in anything, in general).
That is why our good friend, Kelly, is sporting some of Ed's tattoos, today.
See Kelly's arms, below, and click the picture to see Ed Sheeran's tattoos on our website.

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