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Meaning Behind Barbed Wire Tattoos

Who knew barbed wire temporary tattoos had several different meanings behind them.  There are 3 meanings in particular that caught our eye! Here they are:

-          Religious reasons:

  • Sometimes people get a barbed tattoo to represent the Crown of Thorns Jesus wore before his crucifixion. People have various reasons as to what the Crown represents in their lives but faith is definitely a front runner

-          Years as a Jailbird

  • In many countries some of the people that spend time in jail get barbed wire tattoos that represent the number of years they spend serving their sentence. It also used to be used to identify convicts that have been sent to prison for life!

-          Social Reasons

  • To some, this tattoos symbolizes that they are 'unapproachable and not easy to understand.'

No matter what your reason is for getting a barbed tattoo, we think you should try on a temporary one first! They also can be fashionable!