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Pokémon Temporary Tattoos

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The movie, “PokémoParty Pack Pokémon temporary tattoosn, Detective Pikachu”, comes out on May 10th. The comedy revolves around a Pokémon, Pikachu, and a boy who look for the boy’s father. Weather you’ve bought your tickets for opening night or not, don’t forget to purchase Pokémon temporary tattoos to wear to the movie. What better way for you and your kids to show your love for Pokémon than by wearing Pokémon temporary tattoos?


Pokémon temporary tattoos Party Pack


You may consider taking a large group of your child’s friends to see the Pokémon movie for a party. If this is your plan, consider purchasing our Pokémon Temporary Tattoos Party Pack. What a fun way for these kids to show their love for Pokémon than by each choosing a Pokémon temporary tattoo to wear? All of the kids will be expressing their love for Pokémon by wearing them. Above all, wearing Pokémon temporary tattoos to the movie will make their viewing experience a little more memorable.Pikachu Pokémon temporary tattoos


Pikachu temporary tattoos


One of the main characters in “Pokémon, Detective Pikachu” is Pikachu himsel, played by Ryan Reynolds. If your child loves Pikachu, consider purchasing these Pikachu Pokémon temporary tattoos. One of Pikachu’s special powers is to create lightning discharge. You’re child will feel the power of Pikachu pulsing through them as they wear their Pikachu Pokémon temporary tattoos. Additionally, your child will love wearing the tattoos and decorating their body with them.


Bulbasaur Pokémon temporary tattoosBulbasaur temporary tattoos


The Balbasaur has a feature in the trailer for “Pokémon, Detective Pikachu” for a few brief seconds. If your child loves Bulbasaur Pokémon, you may want to also consider purchasing our Bulbasaur Pokémon temporary tattoos. Bulbasaur Pokemon are known for their growing powers. Learning about Bulbasaurs with your children might be a good way to teach them about growing up. Most importantly, your child will love wearing our Bulbasaur Pokémon temporary tattoos to see this movie.Charmandar Pokémon Temporary Tattoos


Charmander Temporary Tattoos


Another popular Pokémon is the Charmander. Our Charmander Pokémon temporary tattoos are perfect for a child who loves Charmander and his blaze. Charmander is also known for his fire capabilities, and it shows on this temporary tattoo. The end of Charmanders tail glows like fire, a special touch your child will love. If your child loves Charmander Pokémon, you may consider purchasing our Charmander Pokémon temporary tattoos.Squirtle Pokémon temporary tattoos


Squirtle temporary tattoos


Another Pokémon your child might love and adore is the Squirtle. The Squirtle is known for his ability to push enemies away with a strong stream of water. This Pokémon is quite cute, and is even cuter as a temporary tattoo. Additionally, our Squirtle Pokémon temporary tattoos will be perfect for a child who loves squirtle and water. Above all, our Squirtle Pokémon temporary tattoos will make your movie viewing experience a delight.  


Looking for something custom?

If you are looking for custom Pokémon temporary tattoos, look no further! Our team of talented customer service reps and graphic designers will be happy to help. If you are struggling to come up with a design, a member of our graphic design team can help create your design. A small design fee may apply, however, our graphics team will do everything we can to make your temporary tattoos a reality.


All of these Pokémon temporary tattoos are easy to apply, and also only require a little water! Simply put the temporary tattoo against your skin and apply a damp cloth to the backing for 30 seconds. The best part of temporary tattoos is that they stay on for days. However, you can be remove them at anytime with rubbing alcohol or, even just a little hand sanitizer.  (There is also a special formula of temporary tattoo remover available).




We’ve been in the Temporary Tattoo business for over 20 years. Thus, we know a thing or two about what type of temporary tattoos people love. We ship millions of temporary tattoo sheets all over the globe each month. Additionally, we make all of our temporary tattoos in the good old USA. We also make all of our temporary tattoos with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients. We also offer the best quality temporary tattoos, everyday low prices, excellent customer service. Above all, your satisfaction is guaranteed! 


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