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Pride Body Tats

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There is only a few weeks left in May, which means a very specialMade with Love Pride Temporary Tattoos month of the year is almost upon us. June is widely known as Pride Month. Pride Festivals and events are held across the United States all month long. A great way to show your support for the LGBTQ community is by decorating your body with Pride temporary tattoos. If you are planning on attending a Pride Festival, consider purchasing Pride temporary tattoos from We offer a variety of styles and sizes for every type of person.


Made with love pride temporary tattoos


Our Made with Love Pride temporary tattoo resembles a tag you might find on an item for sale at the supermarket. This temporary tattoo also represents the idea that all people are made with love, no matter their sexual orientation. This temporary tattoo is rainbow, so you can also wear it to show your support for the LGBTQ community.

Pride Heart FlagPride Heart Flag Pride Temporary Tattoos


This Heart Flag Pride temporary tattoo is a spin on the rainbow flag. This flag also has a heart shape cut out in the center, to symbolize love. This tattoo represents the idea that love is love, and should be created equal. Above all, show you believe that all people should be free to love as they choose with this Pride temporary tattoo.


Armband Pride Temporary TattoosVintage Pride Armband


This vintage-style temporary tattoo read “Pride” in rainbow letters. The font is the style of the 80s, and has a “retro” feel to it. Wear this pride temporary tattoo to your local Pride festival to show off your own pride. You can also purchase our 10 pack and give a few to your friends to wear. This way you can all show your support for the cause.


Pride HeartPride Heart Temporary Tattoos


This Heart Pride temporary tattoo represents the love in the LGBTQ community. Wear this temporary tattoo to show that you do not judge anyone based on sexual orientation. Let this temporary tattoo also show the world that you support all types of love and all types of people.


Lesbian Flag Pride Temporary TattooLesbian Flag temporary tattoo


Wear this Lesbian Flag Pride temporary tattoo to show your strength. The Lesbian flag is a sign of courage and also a sign of feminism. Wear this temporary tattoo proudly and show the world that you are a strong woman, worthy of love. This temporary tattoo also represents a strength in loving whomever you choose.


Bisexual Flag Pride Temporary TattoosBisexual Flag


Our Bisexual Flag Pride temporary tattoos represent diversity. Some people are attracted to all genders, and that’s okay as well. This flag is Pink on top, blue on the bottom and purple in the middle to show overlap. The pink represents being attracted to feminine genders. The blue represents being attracted to masculine genders, and the purple represents the overlap. Wear this temporary tattoo to show your support for the Bisexual Community.


Transgender Flag Pride Temporary TattoosTransgender Flag


Our Transgender Flag Pride Temporary Tattoos are a great way to show your love and support for the Transgender Community. Wear these Transgender Flag tattoos to your local Pride event if you are Transgender, or even if you know someone who is Transgender. These tattoos are a symbol of love toward the entire Transgender Community.


Gender Neutral temporary tattoosGender Neutral Pride Temporary Tattoos


These gender neutral Pride temporary tattoos have 3 bathroom sign figures on it. One is a girl, with a skirt, one is a boy with legs, and one is half and half. This also represents the fight for equality of all genders. It also is a symbol of the fight for equality for anyone who is transgender. Above all, you can wear this temporary tattoo to show your love and support for the Transgender Community.


Gender Fluid Flag Pride Temporary TattoosGenderfluid Flag


This Genderfluid Pride temporary tattoo represents the spectrum of genders. It is also a flag for those whose gender changes from day to day. This flag has both feminine, masculine and gender neutral colors to show genderfluidity. It is a symbol of fluctuation genderfluid people feel on a day to day basis. Wear this Pride temporary tattoo to show your support those who are genderfluid.


Asexual FlagAsexual Flag Pride Temporary Tattoos


This Asexual Flag Pride temporary tattoos are a symbol of the asexual community. In this flag, each color has a specific meaning. The black stripe is a symbol of asexuality. The grey stripe represents the grey areas between sexuality and Asexuality. The white stripe is a symbol of sexuality, and the purple stripe represents community. You can also wear this temporary tattoo to your local Pride event to show your love and support for Asexual people.


All for Love Pride Temporary TattoosAll for Love temporary tattoos


Our All for Love Pride temporary tattoos have elements form multiple flags in the LGBTQ community. The tattoo reads: All for Love, Love for All. This temporary tattoo is a symbol of the support that is in the LGBTQ community. Above all, it shows that the people in the community love and support each other. It is also a symbol that everyone deserves to love how they choose.


Pride Rainbow PackRainbow Pride Temporary Tattoos


If you are having trouble deciding what Pride temporary tattoos to purchase, look no further. Our Pride Rainbow Pack has a variety of pride temporary tattoos. Purchase this pack of temporary tattoos and decorate your entire body in rainbow. You will look fabulous at your local Pride Festival with these temporary tattoos.


Looking for something custom?


At, we also produce custom temporary tattoos. If you are looking to purchase custom Pride temporary tattoos, we can help. If you are unsure of your design our team of graphic designers can assist you. A small design fee may apply, but we will do whatever it takes to make your temporary tattoo a reality.



All of these Pride temporary tattoos are easy to apply, and only require a little water! Simply put the temporary tattoo against your skin and apply a damp cloth to the backing for 30 seconds. The best part of temporary tattoos is that they stay on for days. However, you can remove them at anytime with rubbing alcohol. You can also even just a little hand sanitizer.  (There is also a special formula of temporary tattoo remover available).




We’ve been in the Temporary Tattoo business for over 20 years. Thus, we know a thing or two about what type of temporary tattoos people love. We ship millions of temporary tattoo sheets all over the globe each month. Additionally, we proudly make all of our temporary tattoos in the good old USA. We also make all of our temporary tattoos with skin safe, FDA approved ingredients. We offer the best quality temporary tattoos, everyday low prices, excellent customer service. Above all, we guarantee your satisfaction. 


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