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Custom Sorority Flash Tattoos

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There is only one month left in the summer, which means back to school is just around the corner! Sorority Motto Sorority Custom Temporary TattoosIf you are the President of a sorority, this means it’s time to start thinking about Rush Week plans. One popular addition to your Rush week festivities is temporary tattoos. When designing your sorority custom temporary tattoos, consider the following designs. 


Motto of the Sorority Custom Temporary Tattoos


Most Sororities have a motto of some kind. This motto speaks to what the members of the sorority stand for, and a value they hold. When designing your sorority custom temporary tattoos, consider putting this motto on the tattoos. This way all the sorority girls who wear them can show off the tattoo and talk about the motto. These sorority custom temporary tattoos are a great conversation starter, and can help spread the word about your sorority. 


Sheet of Sorority Custom Temporary TattoosSheet of temporary tattoos


Another popular sorority custom temporary tattoos design is to have a whole sheet of temporary tattoos. You can give these sheets out as a welcome to new members as part of your bid to them. You can also give out the sheets at rush week as a way to advertise for your sorority. This way your sorority members will have multiple tattoos to choose from. 


State of School Sorority Custom Temporary TattoosIncorporate the School Logo or State


An additional idea for your sorority custom temporary tattoos is to incorporate your school logo or state. This way the girls who wear them are showing sorority spirit, as well as school spirit. These sorority custom temporary tattoos can be a great way to get girls excited about your sorority, and excited about the school they are attending. When designing your custom temporary tattoos, consider also incorporating some school spirit into the design. 


Sorority Symbol Sorority Custom Temporary TattoosSorority Symbol


All sororities have a symbol of some kind. When designing your sorority custom temporary tattoos, you may also want to include this symbol. The design can be of just the symbol, or can incorporate the greek letters as well. This can be a great way to advertise your sorority in a fashionable way. It can also be a great conversation starter, especially if the symbol is a metallic temporary tattoo


Cute Design Sorority Custom Temporary TattoosA Fun and Flirty Design


Above all, your sorority custom temporary tattoos should be fun. Another fun idea for a temporary tattoo design is to incorporate hip and up to date designs. These don’t have to be related to your sorority, as long as your sorority name is displayed in some way. When designing your sorority custom temporary tattoos, consider what girls like and find cute. Include these things in your design and they are sure to be a hit! 


Need help with your design?


If you are having struggles putting your design down on paper, can help! Our team of talented graphic designers are more than happy to assist you. A small design fee may apply, but we will do whatever it takes to make your sorority custom temporary tattoos a reality. Contact us today for your custom temporary tattoo quote. 



All of these sorority custom temporary tattoos are easy to apply, and only require a little water! Simply put the temporary tattoo against your skin and apply a damp cloth to the backing for 30 seconds. The best part of temporary tattoos is that they stay on for days. However, you can be remove them anytime with rubbing alcohol. You can even remove them with just a little hand sanitizer.  (There is also a special formula temporary tattoo remover available).


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