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Spiritual Symbol Body Art

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Mandala Spiritual Symbol Temporary TattoosMost people on this earth believe in a higher power, a power that brought about life and spirituality. There are many ways to show your connection and appreciation for that higher power. Some people like to pray or read religious text, some people meditate and some have other religious rituals. One way to show a connection to one’s spirituality is by wearing spiritual symbol temporary tattoos. This way those who wear these tattoos are also showing an outward connection to their inner beliefs. 


Mandala and Ohm Spiritual symbol Temporary Tattoos


These spiritual symbol temporary tattoos contains two spiritual symbols in one. The mandala is a symbol seen primarily in Buddhism and Hinduism that represents a deeper connection with yourself and the universe at large. The Ohm sound is the sound of the universe. The Ohm symbol represents this sound, and helps one unify with the universe. Wear this Mandala Ohm temporary tattoo to unify yourself with whichever higher power you believe in. Show the world that you are one with that higher power. 


Ohm Symbol Temporary TattoosOhm Spiritual Symbol Temporary Tattoos


Because the Ohm sound is the sound of the universe, it is an all encompassing sound that unifies everything. This sound is used in yoga and meditation to align the chakras. Wear this Ohm Symbol yoga temporary tattoo to unify yourself with the universe. When you look at your Ohm spiritual symbol temporary tattoos, remind yourself that you are aligned with the intentions of the universe. 


Hindu GodHindu God Spiritual Symbol Temporary Tattoos


These Hindu God spiritual symbol temporary tattoos is a representation of spirituality. No matter what God you believe in, wear this Hindu God to symbolize your faith in a higher power, and your faith in the universe. When you are connected to the universe, amazing things can happen. This Hindu god can help remind you to take time to appreciate the higher power you believe in. 


Tribal Cross Temporary Tattoo


Tribal Cross spiritual symbol temporary tattoosFor Christians, the cross is a symbol of all their Savior has done for them. If you are Christian, you may also consider purchasing these Tribal Cross spiritual symbol temporary tattoos. When you look at these tattoos you will remember your faith, and your Savior. It will help you remember that you are redeemed and connect to the God you believe in. 


Dream Catcher Temporary Tattoos


The dreamcatcher is a symbol that originated in the Native American Culture. It is a web of strings said to have the power to catch your bad dreams, and dispose of them before the night comes. The dream catcher is also round to symbolize the circle of life. To catch your bad dreams, purchase these dream catcher spiritual symbol temporary tattoos. This way all of your bad dreams will be caught and you’ll be able to sleep peacefully when you apply it to your skin. Dream catcher spiritual symbol temporary tattoos


Looking for something custom? 


 If you are looking for custom spiritual symbol temporary tattoos, we can assist you. We offer a variety of specialty inks and sizes for all of your custom temporary tattoo needs. If you are having trouble putting your design down on paper, our team of graphic designers can help. A small design fee may apply, but we will do whatever it takes to make your custom temporary tattoos a reality. Contact us today for a custom tattoo quote. 



All of these spiritual symbol temporary tattoos are easy to apply, and only require a little water! Simply put the temporary tattoo against your skin and apply a damp cloth to the backing for 30 seconds. The best part of temporary tattoos is that they stay on for days. However, you can be remove them at anytime with rubbing alcohol or, even just a little hand sanitizer.  (There is also a special formula of temporary tattoo remover available).




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