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Tattoo Marketing – Did People Really Do That?

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Walking billboards do exist and we don’t mean wearable sandwich boards. Advertising space can be found on people’s faces and bodies just like any other outlet. With a long-lasting impact on the viewer, bulk permanent tattoos or bulk temporary tattoos can have a great ROI if the campaign is structured thoughtfully. Read on for some interesting examples.

Golden Palace

An online casino, Golden Palace, did the whole nine yards  when “skinvertising” is concerned. They have paid Billy the Human Billboard to tattoo their website address across his back in huge block letters with a sunset gradient. They paid $10,000 to Karolyne Smith, who had their website tattooed across her forehead in striking black letters. She reported that she needed the money  to support her children and fund their education.

Golden Palace also paid pregnant women to place their web address on their bellies, albeit in temporary tattoos. The deal required the participants to display the tattoo in malls and stadiums.

CI Host

In the early 2000s, the CI Host, an American web-hosting company, is said to have paid around $7,000 to Jim Nelson for a logo tattoo on the back of his head and neck. Nelson agreed to wear the tattoo for 5 years. Unfortunately, it turned out the contract obligation outlived the company. Still, this is reported to have been the first case of a human billboard.

Feel unique

The company paid a number of men and women $150 to wink at passers-by 1,000 times. Why? Because the participants had their website address tattooed temporarily on their eyelids. The campaign generated a lot of media buzz and the denied applicants were offered a discount as a thank you.

Air New Zealand

Possibly the wittiest of all, the Air New Zealand campaign featured the ad on the back of participants’ shaved heads. Those going or standing behind the participants in lines and in the street could read: “Need a change? Head down to New Zealand”.  The tattoo was henna-based and lasted for around 2 weeks. The hair collected in the process was donated to an organization making hairpieces for children fighting cancer. The best part, though, from the point of advertising, was that the “cranial billboards” belonged to people who were either Kiwis or who had visited NZ and wanted to go back for another visit. When asked about their unusual headwear, they would candidly promote the country. The participants could choose whether they wanted $777 in cash (like the Boeing) or a round-trip ticket to New Zealand.

Buy my face

Fighting graduate unemployment and trying to repay £50,000 in combined student debt, two British students started “Buy My Face”. They sold advertising space on their faces for a week. In the beginning, they charged as little as £1 per day, but upped the price as the interest snowballed. In the first week only they collected £3,500.

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