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Other Ways to Use Custom Temporary Tattoos: Ornaments

Other Ways To Use Custom Temporary Tattoos: Ornaments


Did you know there are several other ways to use temporary tattoos?

You can even create your own custom temporary tattoos, if your little heart desires!

This is the first of many entries where we will show you various temporary tattoo crafts.



These crafts are family friendly, which is convenient, especially for this time of year.

We know Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, but we want to prepare you for the winter holidays!

In this craft, we are going to decorate ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree!







Step 1: Find Solid Colored Ornaments


We found our ornaments on...

Take a guess...


Amazon *nervous/awkward laughter*















Click the image to get your Ohm temporary tattoos now!

Step 2: Browse Our Site & Choose your Favorite Tattoos

You can either purchase pre-made temporary tattoos or (if you leave enough time) you can custom make your own!

Once the tattoos are delivered, then you might want to gather your friends and family.

Instead, if you want to craft alone, that's okay too. We don't judge.













Step 3: Prep the Tattoos & Wet a Paper Towel or Sponge

First, remove the plastic sheet, which protects your tattoos.










Then, cut around the image (for easy and accurate placement).











The tattoo will have a small amount of adhesive, so place the tattoo image-facing-down onto the ornament.











Next, with a wet paper towel or sponge, apply pressure to the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds.











Finally, you'll know the tattoo is ready, when the paper backing starts sliding around.












Remove the paper backing and... voila!










Step 4: Add Mod Podge (Optional)

After the tattoos have fully dried, feel free to add a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire ornament (minus the tip).

This additional step will make your ornaments last for several years!




If you want more information on Holiday crafts, check out another blog post here:

Social Media!

If you decide to make your own ornaments using our temporary tattoos, we would love to see!

Use the hashtags #TattooFunFun and #TattooFunCrafts.

Twitter & Instagram: @tattoofun





If you order from our sister company, FashionTats, use the hashtag #FashionTats.

Twitter: @fashiontats

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Stay tuned for more crafty ideas!





Here are a few links to the tattoos we used in our how-to blog post: