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  • Spiritual Symbol Body Art

    Most people on this earth believe in a higher power, a power that brought about life and spirituality. There are many ways to show your connection and appreciation for that higher power. Some people like to pray or read religious text, some people meditate and some have other religious rituals. One way to show a connection to one’s spirituality is by wearing spiritual symbol temporary tattoos. This way those who wear these tattoos are also show...

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  • Back to school custom temporary tattoos

    Schools everywhere will be back in session in just over a month. Soon, students across the nation will be purchasing backpacks, new school clothes, pencils and other school supplies. As the summer comes to a close, administrators and student councils alike will start thinking about back to school activities. A great way to show students you missed them, and welcome them back is by purchasing back to school temporary tattoos.    Back to S...

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  • Temporary Tats for Your Next Event

    Custom Temporary Tattoos can be a great addition to your next event or function. You can hand them out as a freebie, or sell them for a profit. Tattoos act as a walking advertisement for your brand. Tattoos also help your customers get involved in your brand in a special way. When purchasing temporary tattoos for your next event, consider the following uses.    Temporary Tattoo Freebies   Often times, when planning an event you may ...

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  • College Custom Tattoos

    College will be back in session in just a few short months, which means it’s time to start thinking about back to school festivities! A great way to get students school spirit up is by handing out college custom temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos will boost moral and get students excited about the college they are attending. When purchasing your college custom temporary tattoos, consider the following options.    Graduating Class Colleg...

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  • Yoga Temporary Tattoos

    Yoga is a meditative practice that originated in ancient India. It is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices that combine to align oneself. A large part of yoga is focusing your mind to that which is spiritual, and learning to relax into the meditative state. If you enjoy yoga, and have a passion for meditative practices, consider purchasing some of our yoga temporary tattoos.    Mantra Yoga Temporary Tattoos   A mantra is...

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  • Custom Sorority Flash Tattoos

    There is only one month left in the summer, which means back to school is just around the corner! If you are the President of a sorority, this means it’s time to start thinking about Rush Week plans. One popular addition to your Rush week festivities is temporary tattoos. When designing your sorority custom temporary tattoos, consider the following designs.    Motto of the Sorority Custom Temporary Tattoos   Most Sororities have a mo...

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  • Birthday Party Temporary Tattoos

    Planning a birthday party is not an easy task. There are lots of elements to consider. From the guest list to the cake to the invitations you could spend days planning! When planning your birthday party, you may also consider purchasing birthday party temporary tattoos to hand out to your guests. Birthday party temporary tattoos can also be a great way to get your guests involved in the theme of your party.   Frozen Birthday Party Temporary...

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  • Family Reunion Personalized Tattoos

    Summer is a popular time for families all over to hold family reunions. A family reunion is a great way for families to make memories and have quality bonding time. If you are planning a family reunion this summer, a great way to involve kids and parents alike is to purchase family reunion custom temporary tattoos. These family reunion custom temporary tattoos will be a lasting memory for your reunion. They will also be a great addition to any fa...

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  • Benefit Skin Tattoos

    At, we believe in supporting organizations and causes for the betterment of society. From Autism awareness to suicide prevention, our benefit temporary tattoos make a statement to the world that we will never stop fighting. That’s why we offer a variety of benefit temporary tattoos available on our website. Wear any of our benefit temporary tattoos to show the world you care.   Pride Pack benefit Temporary Tattoos   J...

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  • 5 Custom Temporary Tattoos Design Tips

    Designing your custom temporary tattoos can be challenging and difficult. What colors should you use? What type of temporary tattoos should you get? Should your tattoo have a custom back? has been in the temporary tattoo business for over 20 years. Thus, we know a thing or two about designing custom temporary tattoos. When ordering your custom temporary tattoos, consider the following tips and tricks.   What size should your c...

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