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Using Temporary Tattoos for an Ultimate April Fools Day Prank

The Temporary Tattoo Prank

April Fool’s day is just a few days away and many people are down in their secret prank labs cooking up pranks that would have family and friends jumping out of their skin. Yes, some of those pranks might end up getting this reaction:

However, at the end of the day, it’s really about having fun. This year’s April Fool’s day falls on a Saturday so lots of pranks will most likely be pulled on family members first before other people. You can also join in on the fun by choosing from our list of April Fool’s day prank. These pranks involve getting a temporary tattoo! Temporary tattoos are great for April Fool’s day pranks especially if you’re thinking of pranking a conservative member of your family.

Temporary tattoos are so real that they might not even believe it when you tell them that it isn’t permanent. The great thing about these pranks is that they are cheap and very easy to pull off. What more? They’re guaranteed to pack a punch if you play them right.

Here are a few ways to pull off the temporary tattoo prank:

#1 The Mom Prank

Okay, one of the worst fears of most Moms is that their child might get a permanent tattoo. If your mom is one of the top campaigners against permanent tattoos, you can leverage on that fear to play one on her. For this prank, I suggest you go for a bold and daring temporary tattoo.

You’d want to go for a full size tattoo like the Amy Winehouse set or even the popular “No Ragrats” tattoo. The key to pulling this off is placing your tattoo on a very obvious part of your body. You can go all out by calling her attention to your tattoo or by just circling around her until she notices.

Imagine the look on her face when you tell her it’s a temporary tattoo during her counseling session!


#2 The Dad Prank

Dragon Temporary Tattoo Dragon Temporary Tattoo

Many dads out there are very protective and wouldn’t want their children to make mistakes. If your dad is the overprotective type, you can pull perfect prank on him by getting a temporary tattoo. We recommend choosing from the many celebrity temporary tattoos to pull this one off. Make your dad believe that you love a specific celebrity so much that you want to look just like them! It would be great if you dressed the part too!

Another temporary tattoo prank that would have your dad all red is a love themed temporary tattoo. Make your dad believe that you’re so in love with someone that you decided to get a tattoo to show how much you love them. This would be especially great if you got a custom tattoo with the name of your “lover” on it.

#3 The Couple’s Prank

Couples can also join in on the temporary tattoo prank fun. If you want to get the “what the heck!” reaction, you’ll want to go for a custom name tattoo. The top prank for me would be getting a temporary tattoo with the name of your parents-in-law. Tell your spouse that you’re just showing them your gratitude for giving you the best gift in the world.

Custom Heart temporary Tattoo Custom Heart temporary Tattoo

Forever Heart Temporary Tattoo Forever Heart Temporary Tattoo

You can also tap into the power of sarcasm by getting a custom name tattoo with your spouse’s work place written on it. This would be especially hilarious if your spouse hates their work place. When it comes to options, you can get very creative with this one.


The key to pulling off a great Aprils Fool’s day prank using a temporary tattoo is knowing who you’re pranking well enough to know which temporary tattoo will make them go bananas. You can get even more creative by reviewing our selection of April Fool’s day temporary tattoos.

Set the pace for a perfect prank by dropping hints few days before April Fool’s day. Consider asking your Mom or Dad what they think of Miley’s tattoos.

Don’t forget to make a video of their hilarious reactions because it might just be the next viral video on the internet!