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4 Compelling Reasons to Have Wholesale Temporary Tattoos at Your Next Event

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Why you need wholesale temporary tattoos for eventsAre you browsing catalogs of event gifts as you are preparing for the big day for your organization or company? You want to use the event as a strategic marketing tool to boost your marketing plans, so every detail requires your attention. If you haven’t considered a tattoo booth for your event, you should. Wholesale temporary tattoos have at least four advantages as event gifts – here they are.

They’re cost-effective

If you want an event favor that won’t chip the event budget for other things, wholesale temporary tattoos are the go-to option. We purposely don’t want to say they’re cheap – because you don’t want just any cheap trinket to give away to your visitors or guests. You want something that will put a smile on their faces, something that will provoke a reaction. But, you also don’t want that something to break the bank. There are so many things to organize, manage and pay for when organizing company events, you really want a favor that will give the best bang for the buck – just what custom temporary tattoos offer you.

They make people feel cool and playful

Tattoos are awesome, but mostly when you see them on someone else; you know, like choppers. They look mighty and inspiring, but you probably wouldn’t ride them yourself. Temporary tattoos are fantastic exactly because they are no-commitment. And they feel playful, maybe even rebellious. The wearers can feel the air rushing in their face without ever setting foot on the motorbike, so to speak.

They are social and conversation starters

“Hey, look what a superb keychain we got at the event!” – said no one ever. Keychains, pens, pocket mirrors and a huge number of event giveaways are unlikely to stir any reaction in the recipients. They might be used, but who knows? They might hit the first can round the corner. With custom temporary tattoos it’s different. The first thing a lot of wearers will do is share it on their Instagram. The tattoos will also be silent ambassadors for your brand and company – just imagine how many mentions your organization will get in personal and online conversations. This is the principle that many companies used in their tattoo marketing campaigns.

They are applicable to all ages

The saying tells us to keep the child in us alive. You might think that temporary tattoos are best for children, teenagers and young adults, but you’d be surprised how many adults and even seniors love getting a temporary tattoo, especially when it’s a well-designed high-quality product – like the ones TattooFun offers.

Get the highest quality wholesale temporary tattoos at TattooFun

TattooFun has been on the block since 1998. Our custom temporary tattoos are USA-made and adhere to the highest industry standards, with ink that is FDA-approved and perfectly safe to use. You just choose the design or designs you want for your tattoos, choose the options and we will review your order to ensure the final result meets and exceeds your expectations. We are here for you, drop us a line or shoot us a call. We’d love to work with you to make your next event the most memorable ever!