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Custom Printed Stickers Wholesale Ordered

TattooFun has been in the temporary tattoo and sticker industry since 1998. The reason we have stayed in the market for so long is because we are uncompromisingly committed to offering you the best value proposition – beautifully rendered, highest-quality, USA-made stickers at a guaranteed low price!

Our process is simple and straightforward and our turnaround is 5 to 7 business days. If you need our help at any point, we are here for you via phone, SMS or website form. Bear in mind that our graphic design team will review each order to ensure your stickers look their best.

Custom printed stickers wholesale ordered are highly versatile

Custom Printed Stickers

Depending on the design, stickers can be very decorative and applied to a vast range of surfaces. For example, people can stick them on their laptops and cell phones, cars, bikes, room doors, desks, storage boxes, etc.

Businesses can use custom logo stickers for stationery. It is very cost-effective to buy regular envelopes and then personalize with custom printed stickers. In some cases, this approach can also be more in line with the business philosophy and ethos of the company.

Custom stickers go great with subscription boxes and shipments. You can include the stickers in order packages, as well as stick them on the boxes themselves to make the packaging more prominent, memorable and original.

Stickers can be put on boxes, folders, notebooks, notepads and other office supplies for organizational purposes. That way you get a tailor-made visual to keep all your materials close at hand.

At events and parties, stickers can be used to mark attendees’ plastic cups, bottles and plates.

We don’t think we could make an exhaustive list of things you could do with your custom printed stickers wholesale ordered. There are as many uses as there are ideas. Let your imagination flow!

Custom printed stickers wholesale ordered can be very promotion-friendly

Stickers can be incorporated in a variety of promotional campaigns and they hold notable benefits to other promotional tools.

First off, people love stickers. They are simply fun, allowing people to personalize their belongings and show off brands they trust.

Stickers are easily distributed to a large number of people. Their shelf-life is also very long, so you can reuse them in multiple campaigns.

Stickers are a time-saving promotional tool that can be ordered online and delivered to your address, without requiring you to pick up the materials. In comparison to other promotional avenues, stickers are also on the more affordable end.

Who could use some custom printed stickers wholesale-ordered?

Literally anyone. The versatility and appeal of stickers can be harnessed by individuals and organizations alike:

  • Businesses of all sizes can use stickers, from urban startups, over Mom-and-Pop shops to multinational corporations. They can use stickers for promotion, for special offers, shipments, interior design, product packaging, stationery and so much more.
  • Organizations of any nature and scope, from the school football team, over local religious groups to sororities, fraternities and professional associations. Stickers can serve to promote team spirit and a sense of togetherness, in addition to acting as a promotional tool.
  • Individuals who like to express their creativity and/or to personalize their organizational props. Stickers can help them show off their unique style, whether in everyday life or at an event they organize.

Get your custom stickers at TattooFun

Now that we have summed up why custom printed stickers wholesale-ordered are so great, give us a chance to make your ideas come true! Upload your artwork, choose the sticker size, shape and quantity and that’s is about it. We will deliver your stickers, individually cut and packed, in 7 business days or faster if you choose the rush option – ready to be used as you like!